The Empress (The Diabolic #2) by S.J. Kincaid


I fangirled like crazy over the first book and was THRILLED to receive an ARC of The Empress! Then I read it. It’s so difficult when you want to love a book and you don’t. I decided not to rate the book because it’s a good book and I think the reason for my disappointment lies with me and not the author’s story.

There is a LOT of politics and focus on religious extremists in this, which makes my mind turn off. It’s not my favorite set up or theme in books AT ALL. So I was not the right audience from the very start. I did not realize this or I would not have requested it from Netgalley.

However, I did and here is my review. (No spoilers.)

This is going to be a tough review to write. I’m sure it’s just me. I didn’t like this, and here is why:

– Nothing much happens until 30% into the book
– Almost the entire book dealt with politics and religious extremists/conservatives
– It was all about court betrayal and intrigue
– There was so much talking and telling and not enough doing and showing
– Yes, you get a LOT more world-building in this book, but it felt tedious (I’m sorry!)
– Ends in a cliffhanger
– I predicted most of what happened
– Drama llama made me angry

I’m sure some things that happened will not be as they appear in the final book. But, I am moving on and won’t be continuing. :((

I am sorry. Thank you for the digital copy to read and review. I am just being honest. I’m sure it’s mainly me and the book will be popular and most others will like it.


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