“Zero World” by Jason M. Hough

5 out of 5 stars! Wow! This ended up being fantastic!
Note: The book actually only takes up about 77% of the Kindle version. There is a novella after that called The Dire Earth that ties into The Darwin Elevator world.

Meet Peter Caswell.

He’s a bad-ass secret agent/super soldier/assassin who works for an elite company called Archon. His handler, Monique, gives him his missions via mind-to-mind communication through a high-tech implant located on his neck. The implant also happens to wipe his memory after jobs, which makes him an incredibly efficient killer since he has no guilt afterward or any emotional complications.

Caswell gets an unusual mission that takes him off-world and thrust into all kinds of intrigue, insurgency, and lots of mindfuckery.

Meet Melni.

She is the agent Caswell meets off-world and they become tangled together in a web of intrigue, insurgency, and lots of mindfuckery.

I really don’t want to say any more because this was such a well-written sci-fi thriller full of surprises it would feel like spoiling the fun to go into the plot any further!

There’s some great world-building and a slowly unfolding, complex story that ends up being just amazing! My inner Star Trek/Star Wars fangirl self was appeased and it’s got a great Mission Impossible/Jason Bourne vibe going on too. It’s even got a dash of steampunk thrown in. I highly recommend if you love sci-fi.

I am definitely going to check out more stuff by this author.

Here’s a nice review by someone I follow named Jason. Check it out.

Review also found at: Goodreads.


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