“Transcendence” by Shay Savage

5 stars!

WARNING: May induce severe ugly crying.

Wow. This book. Talk about a surprise. I was enjoying the story, but not loving it, up until about the 70% mark and then it just suddenly became this incredibly rich and emotional story that caused me to literally sob. I had to stop at 95% and wait to finish it when I could compose myself enough to carry on. This has never happened to me before when reading a book. (Yeah, there are several movies I have privately ugly-cried to – like The Notebook, Les Miserables, when I saw Beaches for the first time…typical stuff like that.)

Some people will try to read this book and be baffled by the 5 star reviews. This is not for everyone. First off, not a lot happens until the book is more than halfway over! This is not going to work for people who need a lot going on in the plot. It’s written in a very simple style and ALL about the slow-evolving romance. The male main character is not an alpha at all. He’s a caveman. He does not have the capacity to learn language or symbols or understand them because his brain is different from modern humans. So there is repetition and not a lot of complexity going on. Ehd is a simple man. He wants a mate. He wants to protect and provide for his mate. And he REALLY wants to “put a baby” inside his mate. All the time.

There are a zillion reviews for this, so I won’t recap or include quotes. The basic premise is that a caveman stumbles upon a strange woman and decides she is his mate. As the reader, we learn that his mate, Beh (he can’t pronounce her real name, Elizabeth), somehow came from another time and is trapped there. As the story unfolds, they fall in love, and have a long, fulfilling life together.

The author did an amazing job in telling this story completely from Ehd’s point of view. Of course, it is not “realistic” because Ehd thinks in a more complex way than a caveman would. But there would be no story if the author didn’t take some artistic liberties. I’ve never read a book like this and it’s very original.

I was not prepared for how emotionally attached I would become to Ehd and Beh. It literally makes me tear up just thinking about it. Even halfway through the book, I did not feel very emotional one way or the other about it, and then it just snuck up on me, and BAM. I was viscerally involved.

Romances are hit and miss with me. Sometimes I loathe them and sometimes I enjoy them. Rarely, do I flat-out LOVE them. This one is now an all-time favorite.

Sometimes it’s nice to read a romance about a male that is not a “mega alpha.” Ehd loved Beh so much. At first, I was like, eh, I need my book men to be more dominant, I’m not sure about this… but it WORKED. Ehd is the male you’d want in real life. Not the snarky sexy controlling asshole that is so common in most romances.

Well, I guess I will wrap it up. If you like sweet romances with a little bit of fantasy thrown in, one that is about the slow relationship build and kind of simple, yet invokes strong emotions, you will no doubt love this. You’ll love it.

^^^ That gif pretty much sums up the theme of this story.

Anyway, highly recommended for romance fans. I’ll shut up now.

Buddy Read with the MacHalo group, starting September 23, 2015. Because caveman romance, duh. For research purposes.


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