“Beauty Queens” by Libba Bray

3 Happy Stars

I’m going to make a pitcher book to start this review. This book is a little bit of this:

And this:



With a bit of this:

And this:

thrown in.

It’s basically about a group of teens on their way to a beauty pageant who get stuck on an island after their plane crashes and have to figure out a way to survive and get along with each other. There’s a lot of humor in this book and a lot of messages about feminism and capitalism. It’s a huge satire about beauty pageant culture, the way society looks at females, and how ridiculous Big Business is about profits and covering up product flaws because of profit.

When I started it, I really thought this would be a 4-star read, but after awhile, I felt like the story could have been told in about 200-250 pages rather than almost 400. The funny parts started to get stale and the in-between corporate spoofs got old as well. It almost seemed like the boy band pirate reality-TV section was unnecessary and bloated the book. It kind of took a little away from the feminist themes and provided a convenient HEA for a couple of characters and was used as a plot device that could have been resolved another way. Maybe it’s just me?

Anyhow, this was amusing and funny and I liked the political messages, but it just went on and on for too long and sapped my initial enthusiasm. Still a good read if you are looking for something humorous and kind of fluffy.

Oh, and let me just add that this book did a great job of demonstrating a wide range of diverse characters in a positive light, while also blatantly making jokes of racial and sexual stereotypes.

Oh, I also really appreciated just how bizarre and quirky this was. If only it hadn’t been stretched out so much. I feel I have to dock a star for that because I started skimming at about 80%. I just felt like the book should have ended by that point. ?

Read my friend Kelly’s review because it’s awesome and is what made me want to read this to begin with! It’s not my usual fare, but was worth it, even if I didn’t totally love it. 🙂


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