“Fortune’s Pawn (Paradox, #1)” by Rachel Bach

5 stars!

Review also found at Goodreads

Meet Devi.

She’s given 10 years of her life to hardcore training and mercenary life. She’s one of the best and she is determined to be better the rest. She wants to be a Devastator – one of the Paradox King’s personal guard. She’s highly motivated, confident, sassy, and ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals.

At first, I hard a really tough time liking her or relating to her, and therefore, struggled to care about her story. She isn’t just confident and bad-ass, she’s obnoxiously cocky and arrogant and thinks she is God’s Gift to the opposite sex. That should be a huge turn off for me.

I wanted to run at first, but then, she grew on me.

So Devi finds out about a security job on a ship with really bad luck, but it’ll probably be a good enough gig to make her a Devastator, so she’s all about that shizz.

Who cares if all the security tends to die on this ship (named the Glorious Fool). However, Devi is so confident, she knows she won’t become just another statistic.

And so, after a slam-dunk interview with the crazy captain, Devi gets the job, meets the crew, and they journey to various moons and planets where CRAZY SHIT happens all the time. Why? Who the hell knows for most of the book because it’s mysterious. The mystery is built up bigtime in this book and we only get an answer here and there.

I won’t go into the plot anymore because I’d get into spoilers. So what worked for me:

* Loved the sci-fi
* Cool alien creatures
* Good story
* Great supporting characters
* Mystery and intrigue

Why I should have HATED this book:

* Tropes
* The romance
* A few cheap plot devices
* An unlikeable MC (at first at least)

*Note: I think if you go into this thinking of it as a soap opera, you’ll enjoy it more. In soap operas, characters lie and keep secrets, have angsty romances, personality changes, and cliffhangers are completely expected and normal. Let it be like a fluffy soap opera and your expectations will remain realistic for what you’re going to get with this.

Moving on…

Basil was cool and the best curmudgeonly alien navigator. All I kept picturing was something like this:

Hyrek. The huge reptilian…doctor? Who decided not be male or female and thus had to leave his own people (the xith’cal).

AND the weird, mute daughter of the captain… who reminded me a bit of this:

But she’s not as scary… just … weird. And more of that mysterious vein running through this book. We don’t really know who or what she is or what she’s capable of.

And then there is sweet Nova.

But there wasn’t enough of her. I am so into her ability to use plasmex, though. Telekinesis for the win!

I should have been more annoyed by this book. But it worked for me, strangely. I’m not going to question it too much. HOWEVER, I’ve heard such mixed things about the next books that I am not sure if I want to continue and might just leave it here. Undecided.

I liked Rupert as a mysterious character, but not as a romantic interest. I loved the idea of the symbionts and plasmex. Caldswell is an idiot. There was a cheap plot device used at the end, but it WORKED for me.

Buddy read with Buddies Books and Baubles group starting September 14, 2015.

I missed the BR with the Saucy Wenches group when they read it in March 2015.

This looks good!

“If you liked Star Wars, if you like the Kate Daniels series, and if you are waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy to hit the theaters, this is your book.”—Ilona Andrews


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