Hunted (The Warrior Chronicles #2) by K.F. Breene

3 stars. Well, my friends know that I totally fangirled over the first book in this series, Chosen. I even admitted to a girl-crush on Shanti. Shanti is an amazingly strong and kick-ass female protagonist. She is absolutely still a new favorite of mine.

But… I just didn’t feel this book as much as the first. Maybe I just got too spoiled with the humor and banter, while this one is darker and more serious. I loved the supporting characters in the first book and they don’t even come back into this one really until about halfway through!

There were two main new characters that took up a big chunk of the book. Were they good characters? Yes. So what’s my problem? I don’t know. I just had a hard time really getting into it and found myself easily distracted. The story is interesting. I understand the need for a more serious vibe with the way the plot is developing.

I don’t know. I really don’t know. I liked it, but I didn’t love it.

I’ll admit… I wanted more romance with Shanti and Cayan. Call me crazy! Usually, a slow-burn romance is a preference, but in this case… I wanted MORE!

Anyway, I’m still going to keep going. Book 3 will be soon. I’m not giving up. I just was a bit meh with this one.

Read Sarah’s review. She says it so well and her appreciation for this series and Shanti motivates me and is awesome. đŸ™‚

Review also found at: Goodreads

Original post:

Extra buddy read for September 3, 2015 with the MacHalo group because the first one was so awesome we can’t stop. Must. Read. Now.


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