“Chosen” (The Warrior Chronicles #1) by K.F. Breene

BAM! All the stars. Yep, I’m going there.



    I love her.

Strong, independent, powerful, bad-ass female character. A new favorite. She’s a nomad, trying to save her people, and among the last of her kind. She doesn’t need saving. She saves. She doesn’t need protection. She protects.


For some reason, I thought this was going to be an Urban Fantasy, but it’s more “straight” fantasy with magical/paranormal aspects. I hate recapping plots so I’m not going to. You can read the blurb for that. There’s a bit of romance, but it’s really just a hint of possibility in the future. That’s good. I’m glad the author didn’t just throw Shanti and Cayan together. But, back off ladies. He’s mine!


I’m hoping he’s in the next book. He better be. 😉

I loved the HUMOR in this. The writing is easy to get into. Yes, there were several grammar mistakes (teaming vs. teeming, past vs. passed, etc.), but I don’t care!. There weren’t any annoying tropes. I thought it was just a fantastic story and I am definitely going to read the next one!!

This book got me excited and I felt all:


If you like Kate Daniels, you’ll probably like Shanti. The world- building isn’t really complex, but Shanti’s ability is interesting, and I loved the supporting characters too! The cover is a bit off. I mean, She doesn’t wear clothes like that, but I can forgive. Who cares?!?! This book rocked.

Lurv lurv lurv…

Review also found at: Goodreads.

Buddy Read with my girls at the MacHalo group starting September 1, 2015!


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