“Last Impressions (The Marnie Baranuik Files #3)” by A.J. Aalto

3 stars – This book was better than book two in my view. When I first started it, I was so happy to be back in this world. I was like…


I think what bugged me the most about book two was the love triangle. I like Batten as a character, but not with Marnie or in Marnie’s head. It drove me crazy and made me ragey. Well, Batten is hardly in this. Yay for me! (Unfortunately, it sounds like a romance with him has been set up for the future, which should make for tons of angst between Marnie and Batten, since Marnie has sex sometimes with her vampire Companion, or Revenant, Harry. Ugh. I’m TEAM HARRY all the way, but my guy never wins.)

So… I’m reading along steadily and quite enjoying the first half of this. I’m thinking, wow, I’m so glad I’m liking this one!

Marnie goes back to her hometown to help solve a mystery involving ghosts and a missing person. Of course, things get crazy from that point on. I liked Schenk and Scarrow. Schenk is the male police officer Marnie is partnered with and Scarrow is the ex-priest with a preference for skinny pants who exorcises poltergeists – and flirts with Marnie every chance he gets.

And then, Marnie started to bug me again.


I just think these books are TOO long. There’s only so much of Marnie’s zany, quirky, foul-mouthed, air-headed shenanigans I can take. By the end, I get annoyed and want to throw my Kindle across the room.

Sometimes she’s SO funny and I love it, but then, it’s just overkill. And the books all start to feel the same. I’m ready for a game-changer, for something crazy to happen to her or Harry or someone. Shock me. Surprise me. It’s just the same formula, and sometimes it works brilliantly. But then, it drags on, and I get bored and annoyed with Marnie’s behavior that never really changes.

I think I can just take Marnie in small doses. Otherwise, I find her to be a bumbling, air-headed bimbo, who happened to score bigtime with inheriting a vampire/revenant from her Aunt (or is it Grandma) that can sex her up (and dang he does that well) and boost her finances and pamper her. I feel like she doesn’t deserve what she has with Harry. She seems to take him for granted. Maybe it’s just me. Probably is. But many times, I just want to say to her:


Anyhow, my thoughts on this are: it started strong, lagged in the middle, got better (the scene with the farmer dude who kept disappearing to change into outfits – one was in drag- during an interview because he was “testing” Marnie and Schenk to see if he could trust them enough to divulge everything he knew was awesome. I already forgot his name, but it was over the top bizarre and funny). But then, the pacing dragged again, and I never got into it as much and started skimming from about 70% on.

Maybe I should give up on this series. I like it a lot in some respects, but then it pisses me off. Marnie is too annoying (for me) in big doses and I think the books are too long compared to the actual plot and story content.

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Original post:

Yay, Netgalley approved me! I’m happy to be back in this world, mainly because of Harry, the sexy vampire (I mean, Revenant). And I picture him as Tom Hardy, which makes it even better!



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